Celebrating Super Heros | June & July Photographing the “everyday” Super Heroes around us | Who is Your Hero? |

Fathers, Siblings, imagination,  and costumes, all this is the fun of super heroes! It seems that if we look hard enough we see the “everyday” miracles around us, so for the month of June and July I want to focus on the “everyday”  super heroes around us.  We all love a good story where injustice is conquered, evil is crushed and the hero wins the day! Here is your chance for making this reality come true for your little one, Dad, Father, Husband or get in on the action and make a statement about yourself and your family. My favorite is the Incredibles, all of them have super powers and once they are in costume, they saw each other in a better light.

Do your kids need to be reminded of who you are as a family? Do they need to get a perspective on what their special gifts and super powers are? Maybe how to use them on each other? I remember the years my own kids from  5th grade to 10th grade….tough times of learning independence, consequences of bad decisions, and really learning that we love one another and overcome together.

Your kids are growing up, make a statement so they can have this wall portrait to look back on and remember how much they are loved.

As a mom, here is your chance to declare that while you love domesticity, that you are still that “wild child” inside yourself.

Need a special gift for dad? How about a portrait in costume, with him as Mr. Incredible!

Everyday life, everyday moments, saved to make a memory and a statement!

All for the months of June and July! Call today @619.208.1282 or email at: justsaycheese@ownthemoments.comSUPER HEROES

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