About Me

My mother points out that for as long as she can remember, I have had a camera in my hand. Funny-I think that too! I saved up all my allowance money when I was in my first High School Photography class to buy the equipment to have my own darkroom. My dad built me a spot in the darkest corner of the garage. I would spend all my time there developing film and printing photographs…and doing chores to pay for the supplies. Fast forward to now-when my daughter got married not long ago, she said to me: “Mom, you have done an amazing job documenting our lives!  But mom, you are not in any of the pictures!  And darn it, she was right.

For the past 3 years I have been photographing amazing, beautiful, families in the San Diego and Orange County areas of California. Now, I  never forget the words of my daughter and I make sure to tell all these beautiful women I come across the same thing. Take a lot of pictures of your kids, they grow and they leave. But make sure to have a professional shoot your family, the way you want them to be remembered, so you can be in the pictures! Besides, as a professional, I understand posing, and lighting. I also understand you want to look your best too!

I am fortunate to capture the greatest love stories of our time-Families, as they are-casual, formal, serious, having fun or making goofy faces. So when today is gone, you can walk by that large portrait hanging in your home that you so proudly invested in, and smile… remembering that day when the whole family got together for a photo shoot-had fun-laughed, and felt goofy being in front of a camera. You can remember the kids sitting on your lap, even though they are taller than you now. You’ll have an image to remember what everyone looked like when they were young. And in the not too distant future, there will be a day when your child tells their child: “See this large portrait hanging on the wall? That’s your mommy when she was little and there is Grandma and Grandpa when they were young… What’s even better is knowing that even after your gone, the investment of those family portraits will be handed down your generations, as treasured heirlooms, and your family will always be remembered.

I’m Cindie, and I am a photographer, a visual biographer, and love story teller. The images here are just a part of some of the greatest stories ever told.

You can see more of my work at my website: http://www.ownthemoments.com

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